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"I had purchased a ranch that had 150 hectares (about 370 acres) with an eucalyptus forest. The forest had several species of eucalyptus (red, white, globules, maidenis) of which red is the hardest. We were able to clear all of the stumps but the red did take more time. The key factor was stump diameter, It works well in stumps with 20 inches or less diameter. If they are bigger it is not easy to remove the stumps. We worked with a 140 HP John Deere tractor and we were able to clear about 1 acre/6 hours. With a bigger tractor you might be able to go faster. The stumper is virtually maintenance free other than the blades. A set of blades lasted about 20 -25 acres. If there are many rocks in the soil these will brake the blades. Also the blades need sharpening every three or four hours. The works is tedious and it does take a lot of man hours, but the results are very good. We have used the cleared land to implant pastures (ray grass 7 white clover) for cattle as well as to grow sorghum and oats for cattle feed."

Raul M.