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A new type of installation
New Stump Grinder series for excavators from 0,8 to 80 tons weight

I would like to bring to your attention the new series of fully hydraulic stump grinders for excavators, bobcats and other machines equipped by hydraulic system. This range of stump grinders is very varied and covers a range of operating weight for excavators from 0.8 to 80 tons. Depending on the characteristics of your operating machine, we will be happy to offer you the most suitable model of stump grinder that your work needs.





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ITALIAN ROTOR STUMPER manufactured since 1958. Call for pricing on new and used stumpers (604) 524-6469 or (604) 329-1659

ROTOR STUMPER - stump remover

The Rotor S. stumper is the ideal tool for a complete and fast removal of stumps and roots. These machines are made of the strong metal work that is attached to the chassis of the tractor. The Rotor S can work on stumps and roots of any wood and any size without causing undue disturbance to the surrounding areas. The Rotor S. comes with a number of tools.

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  1. Cylinder with expelling device - When used on a stump with one of the two root cutting rings available, the cylinder makes it possible for the core to be removed. It works to a depth of just over 1 metre.
  2. Normal root cutting ring - this is applied to the cylinder and it is normally used on big stumps where it is necessary to operate more times or where there are limited spaces such as flowerbeds, boulevards, parks, etc.
  3. Root cutting ring with side blades - this tool can be applied to the cylinder to replace the normal root cutting and it makes it possible to remove the core of the stump while the machine is destroying the stump and the roots around the cylinder.
  4. Stumper - the stumper is applied to replace the cylinder and it is used for the total destruction of the roots in the soil.

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  1. Rotor Stumper 80/100 requires 80/100 hp
    • 1000 RPM
    • Dimension- Same
    • 1000 KG minimum
    • Boring Operative Diameter- 55cm(0pt 70cm)
    • Depth Max 95cm
    • Expel Cylinder 32.5
    • Blade Ring 70 cm
  2. Rotor Stumper 100/130 requires 100/130 hp
    • 1000 RPM
    • Dimension --Same
    • 1200Kg minimum
    • Boring Operative Diameter 70 cm (85 cm opt)
    • Depth Max 95 cm
    • Expel Cylinder( Optional ) 40 cm
    • Blade ring (optional) 85 cm
These are specifications of all units , The H.P of each model dictates the size of carrier.

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