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Stump Grinding

The RotorStumper is the ideal tool for a complete and fast removal of stumps and roots.


North America


Strong decades of experience, Rotor is positioned today as a leading manufacturer of machines for agriculture / forestry sector, especially its production is concentrated in machinery for the extraction of previously felled tree and roots.


Accessories and spare parts are always in stock.

Our Newest RotorStumper Model

Stump eradication removes the stump by chipping the wood up and leaving soil ready for planting in just 3-5 minutes. Great for land clearing. Stump removal is the most economical way to get rid of a tree stump. Once the stump is broken apart, the wood shavings can be left to fill in the hole and decompose into the ground. The removal of the stump will ensure that the roots of the tree will not continue to grow. Stump removal using the Rotorstumper is the safest and the most natural way to rid you of that pesky tree stump with no chemicals or other elements to upset nature.